Welcome to a Visualia, a playground for audiovisual excursion, education and live performance.

For three weeks, two artists will work both individually and collectively, as they dive into the environment of an elder school and bohemian life in order to produce an experimental performance.


A bit of history…

In 1905 Långaveka småskola opened its doors and became the educational home for the village children. In 1961 the new Långavekaskolan was inaugurated, and 1973 Långaveka småskola became a residential building which in 1987 it got new owners: teacher Inger Kindberg and artist Bengt Johansson.

Inger began teaching at Långavekaskolan, where she remained until retirement, loved by pupils and colleagues alike. Bengt is still painting.

The house is frequented by their three sons and extended families, who themselves are artists and teachers (in various capacities). The youngest, Jonas Johansson, motivated by both participating in as well as facilitating residencies is opening the doors anew!

With Visualia, the intention is to invite national and international artists, building on the old school's legacy of education and art. With its picturesque disposition, frugal way of life and techno-optimism, it's a unique space for both serenity and innovation.


Albertina Bergman in front of the new school in Långaveka 1905. www.hembygd.se


Jonas Johansson in front of konsthallen, designed by architect Gunilla Bellander. Image by Ola Folkesson, HN.se.

Visualia artist residency is made possible through support from Region Halland.

Logo by Adam Siversen Ljung.

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